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First Wave Sports is one of the top international soccer / football / futbol agencies. As registered intermediaries and licensed FIFA match agents, we've represented many of the world's leading players, managers, and teams, and continuously provide world-class service to our clients, whether it's on or off the pitch. We know what it takes to succeed at the very top level, and we help our clients get there, through every stage of their career. Our number one priority is our clients and their success, and First Wave Sports ensures that our clients get the best opportunities available.



Discover the very best you can be - on the field, off the field, and in your life after soccer.

We will go to battle to find you the best playing opportunities, skillfully negotiating contracts, and obtaining strategic marketing opportunities to maximize your earning potential.


Our technical staff will watch your games and make private advising sessions available to you via video-conference. Get the personalized attention of a team that watches your progress over the season and knows how to help you be an impact player.



Our consultants can work with you to master your strength and conditioning and nutrition. At this level, the little things make a big difference – take every advantage.


Our consultants can help you be the master of your own thoughts and feelings, and build the confidence and winning mindset needed to take your career to the next level.


We care about you. We want you to be fulfilled in your career in soccer – and in your career after soccer.  Our team of career professionals can help you succeed as a professional contributor to your team’s culture while you’re playing, and can help you plan for what’s next. 

Our professionals can make sure your financial future is secure, while you concentrate on bringing results on the field. Through exclusive partnerships, we make available financial planning and investment advice, tax counsel, and more.


We will make certain you know you’re protected. We have your back. Our expert legal counsel can help deal with situations that arise, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on your work.



We care about you. We care about your family. You are not a number to us, you are a person. Our network of life coaches and mentors can provide the counseling and support needed as you aim to get the most out of life.


First Wave Sports handles all aspects of representation for coaches, general managers,  and other upper management by finding the right club, negotiating contracts, and finding sponsorships and other marketing opportunities for our clients.



With decades of

experience comes strong relationships with teams all over the globe, which allows First Wave Sports to help clubs scout for new talent, market players, and negotiate transfer fees, as well as act as a liaison between clubs, working together to create events and partnerships.



First Wave Sports' licensed

FIFA match agents are adept at organizing training camps and exhibition-friendly games, both nationally and internationally, managing every aspect and detail for the teams, from inception to completion.



First Wave Sports agency has been at the forefront of international sports marketing for over 30 years. First Wave Sports professional soccer agents have overseen the careers of many top American and international soccer players, and with partnerships and liaisons with clubs and agencies all over the world, we continue to find each client the best opportunity available. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to serve you.


Frank Hoppe

Partner & General Counsel


Aaron Deloach

Life Coach


Harry Pearson

Financial Advisor


Brett Ralston

Job Coach


Jake Silverstein



Adam Smith

Director of Player Performance


Matt Letourneau

Career Advisor


Graham Smith

Founder & Strategic Advisor

Peter Michelson

Performance Analyst


Wells Thompson

Mindset Advisor



Reto Ziegler

"Me and my agent, Axel Dierolf, worked with First Wave Sports for my move to the MLS and I really appreciate the work done and professionalism shown by them in finding the best MLS opportunity for me. Even for an experienced player like myself, coming to a new continent, city, and club was not easy. Their support was present from day one when Stefani came to Dallas to meet me at the airport and helped me settle into Dallas. I am very grateful for all their help and support over the time I have been in the US."

Daniel Steres

"I’ve had the pleasure of being guided by Stefani since 2014. He’s an honest, hard-working guy who is constantly trying to do the best thing for me and my career. Makes negotiations and decisions way easier knowing you truly have someone in your corner."

Brad Knighton

"First Wave Sports has been there with me every step of the process when dealing with everything that pertains to being a professional soccer player. The relationship between the agent and myself is one of the many reasons I chose and will continue to choose First Wave Sports. They are not only there for you during the negotiation process, but having a friendship and professional relationship outside of soccer is something I value greatly as well."

Kyle Zobeck

"I have had a wonderful experience working with the First Wave Sports team over the years. Stefani's level of commitment won me over long ago and has made him a trusted advisor. He has provided exceptional, personalized service and his knowledge has been a valuable resource helping me to navigate my professional career. I cannot speak highly enough of Stefani and the First Wave Sports team."

Sam Junqua

"Stefani cares about a player’s development as a person just as much as his development professionally. He has guided me through the process of becoming a pro and making strides in the right direction during my career so far. If you want somebody who is going to do more than make sure you’re under contract for the next season, choose First Wave Sports."

Sebastien Le Toux

"Working with First Wave Sports and Stefani has been fantastic during all of my soccer career. Stefani always listened to what I wanted and had always done the best for my interest. Stefani used to be my opponent, then a teammate, then my agent, and now he's my friend."

Aaron Guillen

"First Wave Sports and more specifically, Stefani, has been an integral part in shaping my professional career. He continues to put in the work behind the scenes to help me achieve my goals."

Adrien Perez

"Working with Stefani and First Wave Sports has been nothing but pleasant. Stefani is very respectful and always on top of things. He has been reliable and very communicative. I feel very fortunate to have him as my agent."

DJ Taylor

Stefani (First Wave Sports) and Axel (Dierolf Rechtsanwälte AG) have represented me in the best fashion for the last 3 years. They have been by my side throughout most of my career and have always been there for me on and off the field. They have given me the proper guidance and care as an agent. I would definitely recommend them to any player looking for a top agency, especially for young Americans - Stefani with his MLS and European experience as a former player and agent, and Axel as an expert for young Americans making the move to Germany.  They have all the knowledge and network to help a player in the best possible way.

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DJ Taylor signs with Minnesota United FC

Feb 16, 2021

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D.C. United Acquire Forward Adrien Perez

Jan 6, 2021



First Wave Sports agency works with professional soccer players, management, and clubs from all over the world, ensuring each client gets the best possible representation, marketing opportunities, and tailored services available. We have pursued strategic partnerships with organizations and individuals who are experts in their field, to ensure that First Wave Sports offers our clients an unmatched boutique service with precision and integrity. These are a few of our partners:



OneAscent Wealth Management helps clients and families find clarity, confidence, and contentment in their financial lives. You deserve an advisor who can translate your unique personal needs into a customized strategy. Our comprehensive suite of solutions helps you align your Planning, Investment, and Stewardship decisions with what you value most.


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Soccer Resilience is a sports mindset agency with a mission to train the most underutilized competitive edge in sports, the mind; and in so doing, transform the mindset and elevate the wellbeing of athletes, coaches, and others in the game. Soccer Resilience offers workshops, webinars, keynote speaking and one-on-one coaching; it believes that mental strength gives athletes control, purpose, perseverance and performance enhancement. The Soccer Resilience team includes a World Cup Champion, an MLS Cup Champion, a 20-year licensed psychologist and an 18-year NCAA Division 1 Head Coach. 


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Impact City FC is a global non-profit organization committed to developing players and transforming lives. Their holistic approach to city-wide impact includes a Nike premier youth club, free programming in underserved urban communities, placing chaplains at professional clubs, and sending people on missions experiences to love and serve others through soccer. Impact City FC coaches and chaplains are on a mission to actively develop 10,000 world-changing leaders over the next 5 years.


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